90 Day Tithe Challenge


The 90 day tithe challenge has proven to be very effective in helping people take this big step financially.  At Palm Valley Church we have used the 90 Day Tithe Challenge in a few different ways.  We have coupled it with a series on finances and also had it available for people to do at any time and mention it occasionally.

In short we have given people a “money back guarantee” when they take a step of faith and begin tithing for 90 days.  We tell people that if they will be faithful in taking this step that God will work in their lives and that at the end of 90 days their lives will be better because of this step.  We don’t guarantee them a financial windfall or even financial blessings, simply that they will not regret the decision to begin being faithful to God in their finances.

We have not ever had someone ask for their money to be returned, on the contrary, we have had incredible stories of how God has provided financially when it was needed or stories of how God has changed perspectives and brought about a better life.

This download consists of all the documentation we use for the 90 Day Tithe Challenge.  In it you will find In Design documents for the front and back of the explanation pamphlet and the “registration” card.  There are also PDF versions of these documents.

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